This is me in Cambodia

Hi there, I’m Jenna.

I’m here to write my notes, old and new. I tend to explore life from inside out often, and I encourage my readers to do the same. I genuinely believe that all we need is already within us, and we just ought to learn to open the locks. We all have access to peaceful mind. Life is about learning, growing, expanding. Finding more, going deeper. Accepting. Honoring. Loving. Being brave. Being vulnerable. Showing up. Being seen. As all that we are. That’s what I believe in.

I love to hear lived stories & what’s going on in people’s minds. I love to engage in metaphysical conversations, think about life’s possibilities, expand my knowledge and deepen my experience. I love to (try to) capture the harmonious moments life sometimes shapes, either in photographs or other forms of art.

I love yoga. I love the silence and the peace it creates within me. I love yoga because every time it takes me back home to myself, to my power, to my heart.

What inspires me to write?

Questions about myself, my life, happiness, pain, freedom, fulfillment, connection. Moments of epiphanies; moments in which you seem to experience clarity and or comprehensive understanding of some topic.

Philosophies, some western, some eastern. Mindsets, mindfulness. Ideologies, researches, philosophies. Old and new. Here I write my thoughts, my notes, my epiphanies about life.

<3 Jenna