“My destiny lies upon what sets me free.”

Lianne La Havas, from the song Elusive

What if we can choose to be free? Freedom, according to Isaiah Berlin, is about finding the full sovereignty of human mind, freeing oneself from your own fears and obsessions, from inner contraints. Choosing to jump to the unknown. Facing the fears of change, for example.

For me freedom is… well, everything. It’s my ultimate goal in life, something I value the most. Freedom is both mental and physical.
Physically, my freedom means the ability to roam, to move, to live, to cross borders and oceans and continents. Maybe that’s why I love and awe the life on the road. Physical freedom. No mortgage, no apartment. Right now, my next challenge is to let go of my possessions. Give the stuff I don’t need to someone who needs them more. We are possessed by our possessions, the chain number 1. The stuff we gather around comfort us but in the end, it’s nothing but stuff to which we give the meaning.

Then again, mental freedom for me is something totally different. Freeing oneself mentally is about facing what needs to be faced, breaking what needs to be broken and building what needs to be built – all within me. Finding your way through the labyrint of your own mind and every time learning more about yourself. Finding a state of awareness and a mindful life style. When you find the peace within, you will find the peace around you also, the world is just a reflection of your own mind. In our mind, there are many types of chains, which hold us back. Fear being one of the biggest one. Fear of change, fear of failure. Fear of being yourself, fear of judgement. Fear of losing, fear of letting go. Fear of shame. Fear of being vulnerable, fear of love. Fear of  fear. What if we could let go of our fears and set ourselves free?

The fundamental sense of freedom is freedom from chains, from imprisonment, from enslavement by others. The rest is extension of this sense, or else metaphor.

Isaiah Berlin

In Buddhism they talk a lot about meaningless suffering and how to set oneself free from that… I can write a blog post about it, it interests me quite a lot as well. Toodeloo!

<3 Jenna

Birds flying high, you know how I feel…

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