New year, new winds.

“The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.” -William Arthur Ward

As the decade has now changed, new year and new intentions are in minds of many people. Change is in the air. Somehow, new year always feels like a new beginning, a new opportunity, or at least I get a great boost of energy as I sense that a new cycle is beginning ad I can, once again, choose how I live. I feel powerful as I start thinking about life and all the possibilities the future unfolds… We can all decide how to live the upcoming chapter, and find ways to free ourselves, from whatever is holding us back.

New year makes us think about how the past year has been, how we have come to the moment we are in now, through all the craziness of life, ups and downs, successes and failures, happiness and sorrows. We can think about the storms we’ve survived from, the people who have influeced us, and all the experiences that’ve shaped us to be who we now are, in this moment. Thanks to everything we’ve experienced, we are now what we are and here where we are. So, how to continue from this? What is important to me? What do I want from my life? What next?

When we know what is important, we can shift the focus in a new way. It’s understanding what to hold on to and what to let go of, and finding the bravery to let go of what is no longer needed, what no longer serves us. Setting new boundaries, choosing what is good for us and what is not, and deciding how to live a life that is more fulfilling. What makes my life feel good? How can I choose what is right, to me?

When the year changes, it can make us often face the reality one way or another… We see our faults, our weaknesses, our addictions and points to grow, feeling that things need to change, and deciding to choose differently in the upcoming year. It’s only when we stop our minds and bodies to reflect, we give ourselves an opportunity for realisation, returning back to the ‘reality’. We might realise that it truly is the high time for change, or we might realise some deep needs we have, or weights we still carry on our shoulders. How can I move forward, release the past?

We choose to move on and to consciously let go of what has been but is just not anymore. It’s only when we have a connection to our selves, our intuition, we start trusting the process as we can then choose what is really the best option for us, right now. This is when we can also face the reality and make the changes that are needed, realising that it’s a high time, right now… We are ready to move on. Scary as hell as it might be, the time as we know it is over. It’s a new decade, starting now.


Sunset, Gili Trawagan, Indonesia


When connecting to your self, you give yourself permission to be, to exist, to breath. This is when you can simply choose to live for you. Imagine a life that would actually be fulfilling. It cannot come unless you give yourself the chance for it. What do you really want, yearn, need? And are you making choices in your life that are leading you towards that?

It’s about honoring yourself, that’s what it is, and staying true to your own truth. It’s about living accordingly to your values, needs, hopes, desires – not anyone else’s. Consciously choosing to step on and follow your own path, promising to listen to yourself and to follow your heart, as lame as it might sound to some of you. But that’s the way! There is no room for fears or insecurities, when deep down you know what is important to you. It’s only following, trusting.

It is your truth, it is your path. No one else’s, and no one else can say anything to it.

They don’t have to understand, only you do. We so often get caught on what other people would think or feel, but what if we’d just listen to what is happening within us, and then follow the feeling, to wherever it might lead us? Because the intuition tells it all; your gut has a much deeper knowing than your mind that is shaped and bubbled by ego… It’s about deciding that whatever it might be, you can do it, as long as you are what you are and staying true to yourself. Believing in yourself and your abilities. No more holding back. No more hesitating your worthiness. You are everything that you believe you are. Imagine what you can be! Let this year take you to adventures of a lifetime, it really can be your year, if you just say yes when you get the gut feeling that something is “right”.


Sunrise, Mt Batur, Bali


“2020 will be great”, I tell myself, manifesting a life that is truly fulfilling.

For the first time I can feel that I’m on the right path, close to something good. I’m going forward, living according to my desires and needs. Choosing every day to be who I am, as I am, everyday a little bit braver.

I see myself with my yellow backpack, trekking in the wilderness of Lapland and in Norway… fjords and mountains are calling my name. Long coastlines, pristine beauty, raw wilderness. Tent. Fresh air. Good company. Good connection. Feeling of freedom, but home. Mmmm… I see myself there when I close my eyes, and it truly feels good, like I’d belong. So that is where I will be – or at least where I can head towards. It doesn’t really matter where I really end up, as long as I feel that I am in the right place with the right people… It’s the gut feeling that tells it all. And the feeling of home.

“I choose to finally take the leap of courage and step on my own path, promising to listen to myself, my needs and desires, setting boundaries that are needed, following my heart, listening to my gut. Tat tvam asi, all I need is already within me. Whatever comes, I can do it.”

I nod and smile.

This is my new year manifestation, and this year will be great. I’m exactly where I should be right now, surrounded by beautiful people, feeling already so much happiness and gratitude. Making the decision to listen to myself every day, no matter how crappy day, just to maintain the connection to my self, to the inner knowing. To the knowing we all have within – it just requires a little bit of tuning in to find it.

So, what’s your manifestation for this year 2020? Or this whole of decade, even?

I’m just gonna promise to stay with myself. If I lose the connection, none of this would exist. I would just be sailing without a sail, completely lost, in the middle of the sea, alone. Now I’m not alone, and I’ve got the sail in control. I got this.



When I choose to nourish the connection with myself, I always end up writing, and this is actually the state from where all the flow for creativity arises. Without connection, there is no epiphanies nor flow. I feel like this state is what makes life alive.

It all of course starts with you, but how beautiful it is when you can share the flow with someone like-minded? But in order to share, you need to be quite brave, as it requires you to tune in with yourself, stand “in the arena” (click link for Brene Brown talk) as all that you are, and showing it to the other person.

I feel that the only way to feel truly alive is to choose to leave the station where you’ve been standing already for too long, and hop on a train without a destination, into a complete uncertainty. Consciously deciding, choosing that your life begins now, right in this moment, and trusting that it is taking you somewhere. You just need to listen and stay awake and aware. And not think, just hop on.

When we hop on, no matter to what kind of an unknown, it’s almost like our primitive side would be waking up. We start living for ourselves, owning our power. It’s like a wild animal, purely following its instinct, with no thoughts arising, just following the knowing. It’s the side within us awakening that is bold and fiery, surprising us by its strenght, bringing a sense of rootedness and balance. It’s the wild side waking up. It’s me waking up. You can finally run wild and free, like a wolf. This is the energy that will set ourselves free. This is the person within us, who will set you free.

And we all have this side within us. The strong, the empowered, the unwavering one. The animal. The wilderness. The brave. The bold. Some have discovered it, some not yet. But it’s there. Every time I connect with her, I remember and sense the presence of my recently lost grandmother. She was the most fiery soul I have ever met, with the most loving heart one can find, and I feel that I can only honor her spirit by living fully, as she did and as her mother did. She was like the wise, old tree mama from Pocahontas to me, always telling to listen to your heart and creating your life as you wish. She was all about living fully, according to her own truth, and not let anyone turn down her flame. And that’s what it should be all about, right? Grandmas’ know. They just do.


Sunset, Kerlingarfjöll, Iceland


Right, so… I guess this year will be mostly about tuning in to find your truth, and then learning ways to follow your truth. It’s quite something, I’m looking forward to all the adventures… and growth, and change. I’m writing now from a cabin in the woods, I have a dog here and a fireplace, and I feel just enormously happy and grateful when realising where I ended up finding home for this little but important period of my life. It just couldn’t be any better, or could it? That’s left to see.

I hope you’re all doing fine and feeling even just a bit more empowered and inspired of your Selves, the potential and the year ahead. Remember that it’s all in your hands. Life always happens, but at least you can feel like you’re living for yourself! I’m gonna write another blog post about ways how to tune in and find the important bits that have the potential to make all the difference.


Thanks for reading, lots of love!


<3 Jenna


Kerlingarfjöll, Iceland

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