Love in reflection

I draw a picture some weeks ago, and I left it lying around in my bedroom. Everytime I stepped into my room, I saw her, staring right back at me. In the picture there is a woman, with eyes so intense that I cannot not see her. She is looking at me with the most immense, knife cutting presence, filling the moment and space with peaceful silence. I can feel her. As I stare at her in the silence, I feel that I truly see her, and that she sees me. It’s a reflection. But a beautiful one. Silence surrounds me as I forget the moment and just stare at her. Her eyes mesmerize me, the moment is just so full of presence, and she… She is just here.

Is she me?

Is all that I’m experiencing here actually pure presence of my Self? Of my inner world, inner life. It is true that all that we see, all that we perceive our worlds to be, is actually just a reflection of our inner worlds? We see what we feel. What we feel is what we see.


Oh that beautiful state of peaceful presence that surrounds us at all times.

If only we would stop for it, as effortlessly as if we would walk to the shore, and stop before the water touches our feet. We just stand there, in awe. We stand there, staring at the wide, silent, still horizont. There’s a calm, deep sea. We feel a fresh, warm breeze on our face. We sense and see the open sky, cloudless, opening up above and beyond us.

We stop, and we open our eyes to what’s in front of us. We open our ears to the surrounding sounds. The more we focus on our senses, the more we sense. The more receptive we are, the more stillness and silence we can take in and therefore, the more life we begin to notice. Life suddenly wakes up, becomes alive, surrounding ourselves with it. And here we are, in the midst of it. We are so receptive that we become immersed in the surroundings, in the life surrounding us. And before we notice, we are it. There is no separation. We share the same vibration as our peaceful surroundings. There is no Me, there is just Be. We mirror the outer within and reflect the inner to what we experience outside of us. We are one.

We feel calm. We feel peaceful. We feel a sense of contentment, like there is no other place or time to be in, to go at. We are here, and that is enough.

No other time exists when we give our full attention to here and now, to our body, to what it is sensing right now.

What kind of sensations are circulating in my body, right now? It’s about following the body first, listening to its messages, but not trying to control or change. No forcing, only acceptance. Only being here, with no opinions about it. No thoughts, no words – just sensations. Just focusing on how good it feels finally to let go and surrend, and let the moment carry you for once. The ground carries you, it always has and it always will. Gravity will take care of that. It is like… you are a mountain, completely grounded, standing so strongly and yet calmly on your own ground. You are here. And nothing can take that presence and peace away. Clouds will come and go, sometimes they transform into storms, but they will not take your roots from the ground. Because they can’t. They will never have more power than you do. (Besides, Lotus flowers grow from the muds anyway.)

Finding back to the peace and power is easier than it sounds like. Just surrend to the moment and find appreciation. Be here, now, present. Feel that you’re alive. Give yourself a chance to stop and just wonder, to stare the sea. Walk to the imaginery shore and meet the point when you cannot walk anymore, and stop there, and continue the journey up and beyond, mindfully exploring the life surrounding and filling you, what is there, so alive and waiting to be seen and heard, within you?

It’s about surrending yourself to the extraordinary in the ordinary. It’s about exploring the known, finding the new from old. Changing the perspective, the lenses we look through. Changing the shoes we walk on this earth. Being barefoot, for once! Looking at the horizont, finding the beauty, the appreciation, and finding what that awakens in within. It is our selves we need here. It is very simple, in fact. Remembering what you’re grateful for. Remembering what makes you You. Being at home, with and within yourself.

Finding calmness in the moment, through breathwork, long deep inhale to start the flow in your body, sensing all the places the breath reaches, and then, longer,… deeper exhale,… letting it ground you even more,… finding your ground, finding back to the peace, to the presence.

Deep inhales. Deep exhales. Deep and calm, long, conscious, slow movement of breath. This is your life energy, let it move, let it fill you up and surround you. I like to lit a candle and follow the flame. Find the fire, light, strong but calm power from within you. And slowly,… set yourself free.

In this moment, you are free.

Free to breathe. Free to let go. Free to find peace. Free to stand your ground. Free to surrend. Free to feel safe and held. Free to be heard. Free to be seen. Free to be, all that you are. Free to become more, free to grow, learn and live.

“May all you’ve been through now be reused for a new higher purpose.” -Lalah Delia

Yesterday we ended up having a long conversation with a good friend of mine about life and its seasons and reasons. Lately I’ve come to the conclusion that all we really need, is the presence with ourselves and the courage to face others from the state of true, raw presence. To meet others, as we meet ourselves. No walls, no stories, just pure presence. We just so often tend to listen to our egos, our fears, our assumptions, and try to keep things in control. But that is never possible, never ever. Life will always go with its own way. And we just ought to surrender, follow the flow. No forcing, no more.

More accepting, less forcing. That’s it.

I believe, that this way we can also find a way to give a chance both to ourselves and others. It’s like… not trying to write the end immediately but instead consciously following each moment with curiosity into wherever it may take you. Letting it all be, and letting it take its time. Each storm, each challenge brings an opportunity to learn more about yourself. Taking it all in, and letting the knew, deepened knowledge make you feel more grounded, more at home with yourself, more calm and peaceful, with all that you are. As the world is our mirror, when we find acceptance, peace and love from within, we can only after then find it from outside, too. When we confront ourselves, we can confront others. If we choose not to, we close also the world from us. All the love we could be receiving, will be left out.

It takes boldness, it takes raw, lion-like courage to confront yourself, in all that you are, and buddha-like brain function to practice radical love and compassion, bold acceptance towards whatever you find. “Wherever you are, there you are”, as Jon Kabat-Zinn said. No other place to be at, no other time. The time is now, the moment is now. No more “mañana, mañana” thinking. If we want to find and live our truths, the moment to confront is right now. And the courage we need, is within us. Has always been and will always be.

So we choose to stop, to take a deep inhale… and a deeep exhale. It’s all okay. No fear exists, when you are deep in this moment. Let yourself be. Love will always win, in the battle of fear and love, but it cannot happen unless we surrender to it.

I look at the woman in the picture. High cheek bones, some wrinkles, lots and lots of depth in her eyes. She is here. She never leaves. She is forever-present. She is immortal. She just… is. Bathing in her deep wisdom, bathing in her peaceful presence. Making me feel and live it. What if, all the answers we are looking for are always found from within, from the silence? All the answers, all the creativity, all the wisdom, inner truths, intuition, inner knowing… All that we need, is there. In within every single one of us.

I truly believe that the key is to surrend to the silence.

Let it open your eyes, your senses. Let yourself feel the goodness, the love, the peace, the beauty, all from within you. Because that is you. That is what you carry in your core. Beauty. Courage. Every-battle-winning peace and compassion. Love.

Rewire yourself. Realign you position, your movement, your flow. Recharge yourself by finding the love from within that we so often so desperately seek only from outside. Finding the core, and holding on to that. Breath by breath, it comes closer. Breath by breath, the transformation happens. The vibration is there. Just need to tune in to find it.

Close your eyes and look into the mirror of your own reflection. What does it tell you, what does it say?

That’s it.

Lots of love,



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