Caribbean life.

Reggae covers playing in the stereos, setting the perfectly relaxed atmosphere to this ocean view hilltop terrace. I’m on a holiday in Panama and the sun is shining. I’m lying on a comfy mattress, feeling completely relaxed, enjoying the warm breeze whilst watching the sea opening in front of me. The colorful birds are singing in the trees, the jungle is all around me.

I breathe in, I breathe out, feel the fullness of life, right in this moment. The hammocks are swinging slowly, everyone are taking it easy. No need to be anywhere else, no need to go anywhere else. I feel content. Even though I need to start writing my essay soon and deal with work-related issues, I manage to feel content and stress-free, just now. I cross my legs into a lotus pose and straighten my spine with an inhale. Each deep breath lets the ‘prana‘ flow even stronger, immediately making me feel more grounded, peaceful and energetic.

My eyes are looking at some gigantic tropical leaves. They’re moving in the wind, causing the shadows on the leaves look like dark waves… I feel strong, I feel calm, I feel eternal in this little moment. Weird how some moments just take you and you dive in some deep place in your mind, forgetting the existence of time. You just exist, almost in a deep meditative state, observing, being. Suddenly I wake back up to the moment and realise I’ve been staring at the sea. I see myself observing the waves again… They’re all moving to the same direction as the wind calmly directs them. Some occasional boats are passing by, all to the same direction as where the water is flowing. It’s beautiful. (Later the day we went stand up paddling there in the calm waters. We saw pods of flying fish jumping around, glimmering in the sun. Bright orange starfish here and there, the water was full of life underneath us.)

But back to what I was telling:

I went to the seaside the other evening to watch the sunset. I was by myself, just observing the life around me and sensations within me. I didn’t feel like writing, but I felt like saving all the flying thoughts somewhere so I took my phone and recorded them. At first it felt a little bit funny to talk by myself but then I relaxed and got used to it. I was talking for ten minutes, listening to my mind and saying it all out loud. So many times when we try to say something out loud, a barrier comes up and we cannot say it. This was my practice of letting myself have the time to think what I say, to listen what I think and to say it all out loud, taking as much time as needed, having pauses in between sentences, even between words. It was great. I listened the recording afterwards and it made me dive down to the same moment, same time, same head space and same tranquility immediately, all over again. The moment is now saved, just like a photograph. I hear the sound of the waves, I hear the cars passing. I hear the live guitar music in the distance, I hear the wind. I hear my breath. I hear my voice. All of a sudden I’m there again.

“I wish someone could hear these thoughts… All the voices, thoughts, I hear in my head, occupying my mind right now… But then again, what I really want to hear is only the silence, not my voice. —” I stare at the horizon.

“— To hear, you have to have silence. What if all how you experience life is simply because of you. All being a reflection of you, all coming from within you. All that you have outside exists also within you. Everything is just a reflection, the whole world is a reflection of you. How you experience everything… all a reflection. Of you. —” Little pause again.

“— I’m sitting at a beach, sandy ground underneath me. Small pieces of coral, tingling on my skin. My eyes are looking at the horizon. The waves are very calm and very… delicate, sensitive. The sound of the waves is more powerful than what they really are. The sun is setting, the sky is getting darker and darker, with deep colors. The clouds remind more of painter’s work than real clouds… Some people are still swimming, children are playing in the shallow warm waters. Little light bulbs are twinkling in the palm trees in front of a beach bar, the crowd is clapping for the music. —“

“— I feel calm. I encounter everyone with calmness, with balance, because I feel peaceful. When I feel anxious, everything around me makes me more anxious and others overwhelm me. When I feel frustrated, others annoy me. When I feel relaxed, I tend to relax others, too. When I feel happy, I tend to make others happy, too… maybe.—“ I myself am a reflection of the world.

“— Then, when the voice [mine] calms down, it’s suddenly quite enjoyable to listen to it. I’m here now, in this moment. I’m nowhere else, only here, sitting at the beach, by myself, watching Costa Rican coastline and observing the life around me. I wipe the sand off my butt and get up. I start walking.”

“— The surrounding sounds get louder… The waves crashing. The guitar playing, a harmonica, a lady singing. A motorcycle passing by. I’m walking.

The recording ends and total silence surrounds me again. I just can’t stop thinking how beautiful all that just was. I’m so grateful.

This is what I live for. Connection. Beauty. Prana. Presence… Love. And always staying true to yourself, listening to Tao and rather than paddling against the current, letting the river flow and take you wherever you’re needed at that time. It’ll take you anyway, no matter if you fight against it or not, because that’s the nature of nature. At least according to few Eastern philosophies and me, haha.

I’m just focusing on the magical moments here. We all have our own ones, especially when we stop and open our eyes (and hearts), magical things tend to happen. That is flow, that is life.

Good day, night, morning, evening, which ever, wherever you are! I wish you all a great flow and magical moments.

♡ Jenna

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