Black sands.

Seasons change, it’ll never be the same, she sings. I’m hoping, I won’t stay the same… Reasons strange, why we all must play these games? It’s just me and Bonobo, at Playa Cocles. Just me and music. And the sea…

Waves crash, none staying the same, always moving, circulating. Water retreating, forming, building, becoming full, and then crashing back to what it was, back to what it is. Single drops of water together, eternally moving. Never ending circle, but yet always changing… No wave is the same, no moment is the same.

I’m just thinking that this is someone’s Monday. In fact, this is my Monday. I’m sitting at the beach, writing my thoughts on a piece of paper. I watch the waves crashing first to the reef, then the shore. Waves are powerful and all white from breaking… It’s beautiful. Surfers are making the boards ready for afternoon surf, the tide is on its way and they know it. Dogs are running around freely, playing in the warm sand. The Caribbean vibe is almost tangible, everyone seems so chilled, with a laid-back “tranquilo” take it easy attitude. We are all here, just to enjoy ourselves and surrounding nature.

We’re all here just to enjoy the moment, to watch the movements of the sea, to listen to the surrounding sounds, surrounding life.

I find myself thinking “I can’t believe this is my life”. If I was in Finland, I’d probably hate Mondays. Here, no. Here everyday feels like a Sunday. In fact, the day doesn’t matter, nor the time. It’s just here and now, and no other time exists. No other time is needed, than this one moment. You take it as it is and then you let go, just like the setting sun, or a crashing wave. It comes when it comes and it goes away, when it goes away. And it’s all okay.

When moving to the Caribbean, it took me maybe a week to calm down to the rhythm of life, to the slower pace of daily life. Everyone takes it easy, always. The foundation of life here is truly about staying calm and enjoying, more than hurrying around and prioritizing “time is money” type of thinking. Hell, time is all we have! Might as well live in the moment and through the moment instead of running from place to place, moment to moment, completely ignoring the inner need of slowing down and listening to oneself. No wonder so many westerners have decided to stay here in the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Simply put, the culture just offers such an enjoyable way of living; slow, relaxed, warm. People smile at you in the streets. People walk barefoot, carrying surfboards, being all sandy and having sun-colored hair. They’re living the life.

I’m starting to believe that the magic ingredient of enjoying one’s life is not in or about the location one’s at, it’s not about what one does with his or her time, but more about how well one is able to stay in the present moment. That is when one is not mentally present at any other time, so for example at tasks coming ahead or feeling overwhelmed, stressed or worried about something that happened, every day being it a different thing. The present moment offers a moment of break, a moment of peace and tranquility.

The moment I’m talking about is like the miraculous moment of a fully developed wave, just seconds before it comes crashing down. It’s the peak moment, when for example deep connections are founded as the mind is more open, and inner voices, feelings and thoughts, are listened and acknowledged. It’s the state of full presence. It is when you see you, yourself, as you are in that present moment. For some, it opens the gates, the mental blocks, which have been closed for a reason or another. That, for me, is magic. And just like in yoga, through ups and downs, difficulties, tensions, mind blocks, gates, always at the end of the practice one will find the peace again, the ultimate presence. When laying down on one’s mat, one can feel the body fully in the moment, as well as the mind, bursting from all sorts of sensations. One is fully in the present moment, feeling, being the sensations, more than anything else. No thoughts, just pure sensations. And oh, the silence is so sweet.

I watch the surfers hop on their boards and dive into the waves. They follow the moment, having full concentration on the surrounding nature, they paddle through the roaring sea, through approaching waves, just to get to the other side of the crash zone. And then they wait. They float on the boards, they let the waves take them up and down, up and down. They wait and wait. They predict the waves, it’s like they would have a sixth sense of knowing it coming, but they just know how to read and listen to the sea. They start paddling. They catch the wave, get up on their boards, being completely sucked in the moment, focusing, feeling the water underneath the board, moving along with the board. The wave will take you as far as you have skills, and as far as it wants to. It might be a small wave, or it might form a beautiful dome of water, through which the most talented surfers ride.

I love watching the sea and the waves forming, and surfers doing what they love. I feel like when you’re out there in the sea, the ego falls. The sea is so enormous and you cannot control any of it. It’s just you and the wave. You surrender to the forces and the rules of the sea. You really surrender and become small. Wave is all that matters, and the feeling in that moment. You’re there on your board, forgetting everything else, all you have now is all that matters, nothing else. Nothing else exists than this moment, than now.

And then you ride. You surrender, let the wave take you, over and over again.

I think it’s poetic.


That’s that for now… It’s raining now. I’m sitting in our garden, dreaming about waves, listening to music and watching the rain falling down. This is good… I feel good. I feel that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, right now. And I’ve learned to be more tranquila with life, which, after a hectic life in Finland, is more than I could’ve hoped for.

Si, me encanta el mar y Costa Rica. Me encanta mi vida aquí.

Peace, tranquility, easiness. Following the flow, seeing where it’ll take you. Letting go, riding the wave… I think that’s all.


♡ Jenna

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